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Workers Dream of Making Sweet Music Together

Workers Dream of Making Sweet Music Together

Music is the firm favourite of office workers when it comes to team building training sessions according to a new survey.

The poll by Keynote Team Building found that more than half of all office workers said they would prefer making sweet music with their work colleagues to other traditional activities such as paint balling and adventure away days.

Bonding over music was even more popular than a visit to a bar or restaurant which came second in the survey of corporate team building habits.

Days spent over team building games in hotels scored poorly in the poll which surveyed 1000 office workers from across Britain.

Trust exercises such as the “fall and catch me game” were particularly unpopular with staff many of whom felt they had been deliberately dropped or fondled.

More exotic exercises such as white water rafting and clay pigeon shooting were also panned for alienating some workers and not being for everyone.

Music on the other hand was applauded as something almost everyone can enjoy and training sessions in which staff learn to play as a band together were seen as particularly rewarding.

Musical exercises were the clear winner in the poll with 51% of all workers stating it was their first preference activity.

A team meal and drinks out came next with almost a third of staff (29%) saying it was their favourite activity when it came to bonding with co-workers.

Adventure activities such as white water rafting and clay pigeon shooting scored 12% of the vote while traditional team building days based around trust exercises came in last place with just eight per cent of workers stating this was their preference.

Many HR professionals are finding an afternoon spent team building with the help of musical instruments has a restorative effect on even the most tired and disgruntled of staff.

The relative low cost of such services and the low level of disruption caused – teams can bond in the workplace without having to decamp to another location – has also been cited as a reason for the rise in the number of companies offering musical team building services.

One female executive said: “When it comes to team building exercises all the girls in our office dread those terrible fall and grope me type games. They’re just horrid and plain wrong.

“In my previous role we were taken into the countryside and invited to swing through trees like monkeys. It was terrifying and horrible and to say it went down like a lead balloon with myself and my colleagues is an understatement. The only thing that kept us going was the promise of the free booze at the end of it.”

One leading provider, Keynote Team Building, takes complete novices and teaches them to play musical instruments together in a group. By the end of each session each group is able to play something tuneful.

Keynote co-founder Stuart Bulsara said: “Team building has a bit of an image problem these days. Most staff are tired to death of traditional exercises such as the old fall and catch game.

“To put it bluntly there are workers who just don’t welcome physical contact with their colleagues and there are others who welcome it a little too much.

“Likewise, while many enjoy a night out and a few drinks, not everyone enjoys doing that with work colleagues. There’s always the risk that someone might get drunk and make a fool of themselves.

“That leaves things like white water rafting which can be expensive to deliver and clearly aren’t for everyone either.

“Put alongside such activities it isn’t difficult to see why musical team building has become so popular. It’s cost effective to deliver and workers get a real buzz out of being able to master the basics of playing together in a band by the end of an afternoon.”


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