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AWR entitlement already being implemented by employers

Kevin Green, CEO of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation gives his opinion on the latest Xpert HR agency workers survey released today, which found that 65 percent of employers are providing agency workers with the rights they are entitled to after 12 weeks from the first day of their assignments.

Kevin Green, CEO of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, said:

“It’s really good news for temps that so many employers are deciding to implement equal treatment from day one. It’s good for the worker and it’s good for the business and the agency as it avoids the bureaucracy involved in making changes after waiting 12 weeks.

“We think the flexible labour market is here to stay and will continue to expand as businesses see it’s an effective way to align their workforce with demand while keeping themselves competitive. And for the workers, a temporary position is a great stepping stone into more work and permanent employment.

“Employers are telling us they plan to use more temporary workers, not fewer. We regularly poll employers about their hiring intentions and as recently as last month, 85 percent said they planned to either maintain or increase their levels of temporary workers over the next three months.

“Unfortunately there are some real misconceptions out there about what AWR really means – for workers and employers. It’s the role of recruitment agencies to communicate clearly to clients and candidates what the new rules mean, and how both parties can benefit.”


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