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Just Recruitment Websites Announce New Subscription Based Recruitment Websites

Just Recruitment Websites Announce New Subscription Based Recruitment Websites

In an exciting new development, Just Recruitment Websites have announced that they now offer all of their Semi- and Fully-Customised Recruitment Websites on a new subscription based payment model.

Tristan Neagle says:  "We've been experimenting with this payment model for over 6 months and I can now confirm that we will be offering this option on all our websites going forwards".

"Our Semi-Customised recruitment websites will have a 'pure' subscription option which entirely removes the setup charge and provides recruiters with a single and all-inclusive monthly payment for their website. In spite of the substantial work required on our side for the setup of these websites, there is no 'minimum term' which means they can be cancelled at any time".

"Our Fully-Customised websites will work slightly differently with the initial main subscription spanning a period of 3, 6 or 12 months before dropping to a lower subscription for hosting, support, system upgrades and marketing."

This new type of payment option means recruiters can now spread the cost of their website over a much longer period of time - so they can start gaining benefit from their new website before they have paid for it in full and without stumping up such a large up-front fee.

Just Recruitment Websites also offer a free 6-part email series called "How To Attract More Candidates And Clients Through Your Website" which was developed by Tristan Neagle. This valuable series covers a number of vital topics including: the one thing your website must be able to do, the 2 types of functionality that actually matter and how to find the 'right kind' of traffic. To register for this free series, simply visit: or email with the subject 'Attract more please'.

Tristan Neagle is the Founder and Director of Just Recruitment Websites and has been helping recruitment agencies develop and improve their websites for more than half a decade


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