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Win tickets to Silverstone

Win tickets to Silverstone

Go to Silverstone for the British Grand Prix?thanks to ePayMe

We have 3 pairs of tickets up for grabs and you could be in with a chance of winning.

To enter the prize draw, simply recommend five or more contractors to ePayMe.

You will receive one entry for every 5 contractors you recommend and there is no limit to the amount of entries you can have. For more details please email               

These are exciting times for ePayMe following the launch of their new website, the widest selection of payroll services and one of the proactive and innovative outsourced providers in the UK today. So, other than winning F1 tickets why should you recommend your contractors to join ePayMe???If you use or need Umbrella, PAY (hybrid), CIS or Limited Company services, ePayMe has your contract workers covered. If this isn’t enough to encourage you to work with ePayMe, they will also process your contractor’s pay free of charge for the first 4 weeks of any assignment for 5 or more weeks.??If you need to retain margin & remain competitive in your specific sector, you should speak with ePayMe regarding their unique hybrid products PAY & PAYlite.

PAY draws the right balance of PAYE & Umbrella functionality, whilst remaining financially beneficial to those that use it i.e. more money for you and your contractors.

What is PAY??PAY is a hybrid product, combining both PAYE & Umbrella.

How does this work??Under PAYE there are three types of TAX:?* Personal TAX?* Employee’s National Insurance (paid by the candidate)?* Employers National Insurance paid by you (which is a direct impact on your margin)??PAY uses expenses in the same method as a standard Umbrella model, yet providing a net pay guarantee versus PAYE take home.

What does it mean for your contractors??Contractors working through PAY will always be better off than on PAYE.

Claiming expenses through the Portal will help increase their income whilst reducing the supplement cost. This process is proactively driven using weekly emails, text alerts and newsletters. The online portal enables them to easily claim for additional expenses that are permitted by the HMRC (details are in our Business Expense Policy documentation).??What does it mean for you??This means you will increase your margin by using PAY rather than having contractors on a mixture of PAYE and Umbrella. This will help towards any margin at risk through AWR legislations that were enforced in October 2011.

For more information, please call ePayMe today on 0800 622 6119


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