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CWJobs unveils brand redesign and website functionality upgrade

CWJobs unveils brand redesign and website functionality upgrade  

Specialist IT recruitment website,, unveils its redesigned brand and website, with improved functionality including search and navigation as well distinct community areas for jobseekers and recruiters. 

At a time when many niche recruitment websites are diversifying in a bid to attract more users and jobs, CWJobs believes that by reaffirming its place in the IT community the company can extend its market leadership gap.

The decision to rebrand was prompted by research, which sought to identify what IT jobseekers demand from a job board. The research found that 45% of IT jobseekers do not use generalist job boards and instead prefer to use niche sites to find specialist roles.

Responses from recruiters indicated that 30% would move away from a job board if it became generalist. The reason cited by this group was that they believe they receive better candidates from specialist job boards (69%). 

Being known as an IT specialist means jobseekers know they can go to the site for the best IT jobs, and recruiters are confident the site offers them the most cost-effective and efficient way to find the right candidate.

The research found that IT jobseekers (90%) prefer to get support from a company that understands the IT sector, with 75% of IT jobseekers stating that they do not believe people working outside the industry understand it.

Website director Richard Nott comments,  “The research has enabled us to channel our strategy to ensure we’re always focussing on what we do best – delivering high calibre IT candidates to the industry.”

“While some niche sites have opted to dilute their offering to reach a wider audience and chase new markets, we believe that staying aligned to this strategy will ultimately deliver strongest growth. IT is still the fastest growing and one of the most future-proof industry, so with this increased investment we plan to secure our position at the forefront of the online recruitment market.”


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