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Double Dip is not a true representation reveals Precision Recruitments recent survey.

Double Dip is not a true representation reveals Precision Recruitment’s recent survey.

A recent client survey revealed 92% were & lsquo;fairly’ to & lsquo;very’ optimistic about their business in 2012.

The media reported recently that England is in an official double dip. Precision Recruitment, a specialist consultancy in Engineering, Technical, Construction and Sales based in Leicester argues this doesn’t paint a true picture. The country was in negative growth for half of last year it was only because it didn't happen in consecutive quarters that it wasn't hyped up in the press.

In a recent poll Precision's clients were asked & lsquo;How optimistic were they about their business in 2012?’ 92% stated they were & lsquo;fairly’ to & lsquo;very’ optimistic. They were also asked if they were likely to grow their business in 2012 by hiring new staff, 75% said they were likely with 14% within that 75% answering as a definite yes.

Finally they were asked how likely they would be making redundancies in 2012. 67% answered a definite no with a further 32% stating it was highly unlikely.

Director Phil Walker commented on the recent media reports: “With the seasonal dip in construction and the hit to government spending it's not a surprise we have had lack of growth. However, we can see from the findings of our survey and from talking to our clients that in the majority of the manufacturing and service sectors they are booming, demand for staff is high and so is their positivity. It’s a case of time of year and government austerity and not the real representation of British Industry, I just hope that people understand that and don't head into negativity with the likely media hype.”


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