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ManpowerGroup Supports New Ciett Pledges For Reinforcing World's Talent Pipeline

ManpowerGroup Supports New Ciett Pledges For Reinforcing World's Talent Pipeline

Annual Ciett Conference Pledges to Create 18 Million Jobs Over Five Years

ManpowerGroup the world leader in innovative workforce solutions, announced its support of new global workforce development goals unveiled at an annual conference held by Ciett, the International Confederation of Private Employment Agencies. Ciett pledged to help 75 million young people enter the labor market, create 18 million jobs, provide 13 million companies with the skilled talent they need to grow, train 65 million people and align 280 million people with a flexible workforce model. These goals have the potential to significantly sustain the world's talent pipeline.

David Arkless, ManpowerGroup President of Corporate and Government Affairs and current Vice President of Ciett, spoke at the conference, emphasizing that employment services companies improve the world's economy as they prepare and match workers for the right opportunities. Ciett represents 128,000 employment services companies in 51 countries. The industry creates the workforce flexibility needed to drive growth across regional markets, while connecting people to meaningful work.

"As companies adjust to an era characterized by rapid change and uncertainty, they must collaborate across and within industries, as well as with governments and educators to define master strategies for recruiting and developing tomorrow's workforce," said Arkless. "Without broad thinking and strategizing, companies will fail to sustain the talent pipeline needed to implement their business strategies in the Human Age."

In this era, access to talent has replaced capital as the key competitive differentiator. Yet, despite high unemployment, one in three employers can't find the talent they need, according to ManpowerGroup's Talent Shortage Survey. Companies demand innovative workforce solutions to align their workforce and business strategies, and master strategies are key to accelerating the recruitment and developing of the skilled candidates that they seek.

This week's conference announced that Ciett members will work together over the next five years to tackle critical challenges facing business leaders everywhere including how to: develop and sustain a global workforce while a rising number of untrained youth remain jobless, drive strategic public-private sector job creation planning, align the hard-to-find talent with the right opportunities, and contemporize job training and education.

"The new Ciett pledges are one more measure for ensuring that businesses, governments and educators collaborate in the effort to boost global employment and better job-to-candidate matching," Arkless added. "ManpowerGroup's unrivalled global reach and local expertise across 80 countries and territories gives us a unique perspective on workplace opportunities and positions ManpowerGroup to lead the industry in achieving these goals. Every day, ManpowerGroup connects the visions of our 400,000 clients with the ambitions of thousands of individuals to unleash their human potential and empower companies to succeed."


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