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REC Managed Services Forum to drive best practice agenda and review latest VMS trends

REC Managed Services Forum to drive best practice agenda and review latest VMS trends

Next week's Managed Services Forum will provide the latest analysis of current trends within the VMS market as well as an update on proactive initiatives such as the specific Code of Practice for VMS providers. The meeting will include representatives from the Government Procurement Service (GPS) as well as REC members who provide vendor services to their clients.

The Managed Services Forum has been established for over two years and has driven specific activities such as ensuring the AWR implementation reflects different models of supply, understanding changing employer needs and agreeing a consistent interpretation of regulations to enhance consistency through the supply chain. A key priority for the REC has been to promote this best practice initiative to employers and procurement bodies through the ongoing & lsquo;client agenda’ and public sector resourcing campaign.

Speaking ahead of the latest meeting, Tom Hadley, Director of Policy & Professional Services at the REC, says: "The Forum has been a work in progress for a number of years and has already delivered some important outcomes – particularly linked to AWR and targeted research. Developing a Code of Practice is just part of our work to ensure that vendor arrangements are sustainable and work for all parties.

"The last few months have seen a concerted drive to engage with employers on the use of different supply models and to raise awareness of our work on this issue. Having a specific research agenda and strong representation in all sectors of the recruitment market has been key to demonstrating real substance in this area in our discussions with client organisations.

"We have consistently made it clear that this is not about getting involved in commercial arrangements. It is about driving a good practice agenda that involves and ultimately benefits supplying agencies and end users as well as the VMS providers who are members of the Forum and sign up to the Code."

Specific reports developed by the REC’s Industry Research Unit (IRU) include & lsquo;Managed Services in Recruitment & Staffing’, 'Hire Power' – which looks at the pros and cons of different supply models and & lsquo;Debunking the Myths’ – which focuses on the client drivers for vendor arrangements.

International trends in the way that staff are supplied will be covered in a number of the sessions at the Ciett 2012 - World Employment Conference in London on May 23-25.


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