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The Way to Work

 “The Way to Work”:

An ambitious new global commitment for the private employment services industry

The industry pledges to improve global labour market by supporting millions of people and companies

LONDON(24 May, 2012). Ciett, the international confederation of private employment agencies, today announces its ambition to build better functioning labour markets around the world. The commitment, revealed at Ciett’s annual World Employment Conference in London, will be driven forward through a series of pledges on behalf of the industry. At the global level, over the next 5 years, Ciett members have committed to:

Support 280 million people in their job life

Help 75 million young people enter the labour market

Up-skill 65 million people, giving them more work choices

Create 18 million more jobs

Serve 13 million companies with the right talents to succeed

“We are delighted to announce this new ambition for the industry. The Ciett Annual Conference is about & lsquo;Transforming our Global Brand’ and we aim to do this by achieving real, positive change in the labour market,” said Fred van Haasteren, Ciett President. “Our vision is to live in a world where there is a job for every person, and a person for every job. That might seem far off when countries are re-entering recession and high unemployment prevails but private employment services can make a difference by securing a better and faster match between available work and skills. The pledges are our public commitment to achieving our vision and will help measure the contribution our industry is making to the functioning of the labour market. We know the pledges sound ambitious, but in fact they represent just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what our industry could achieve with the right regulatory environment.”

This new vision – & lsquo;The way to work: a job for every person, a person for every job’ - and the industry pledges are the culmination of a global journey to raise awareness of the role of private employment services in facilitating adaption to change for governments, companies and individuals, building better labour markets and providing decent work. The journey began in Geneva in October 2011, with the launch of a research report entitled Adapting to Change, produced in conjunction with the Boston Consulting Group, and has fuelled conversations with policy makers, trade unions, academics and NGOs all around the world.

This journey has seen Ciett present the Adapting to Change report at 21 launch events across the globe, with more than 80 panelists, and over 1700 participants.

Denis Pennel, Ciett Managing Director, adds: “The world of work has changed dramatically. People are seeking more freedom and choice in the way they work, and organisations are increasingly looking for bespoke workforce solutions. More than ever, intermediaries are needed in the labour market to facilitate access to work. Even though global unemployment is at a record high, millions of job vacancies remain unfilled. The new vision of the industry & lsquo;The Way to Work’ embodies how private employment services offer people hope, providing an entry port to the labour market and offering a stepping stone to permanent contracts. It also reflects the fact that the industry supports people throughout their lifelong career journey by facilitating transitions. Our industry is in a unique position to balance the needs of individuals with the constraints of companies and to drive change.”


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