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69% of Professionals Consider Their Online Professional Presence - Robert Walters

69% of Professionals Consider Their Online Professional Presence - Robert Walters

Robert Walters, one of the world's leading specialist professional recruitment consultancies, has released its latest Global Web Poll findings. Compiled monthly from our website, our Global Web Poll surveys industry professionals on topics relating to job hunting, career and professional goals.

The recent poll question was:

"How important do you consider maintaining a professional online presence on personal social networking websites in the event prospective employers check?"

The poll found that a majority of respondents recognised the importance of maintaining a professional presence online. Our findings showed that 69% or 24,480 respondents agreed that maintaining a professional online presence was crucial. In contrast, only 59% of professionals in Japan feel that it is important to maintain a professional image online.

This was followed by 20.4% or 7,200 respondents finding it not important and only 10.2% or 3,600 respondents indicating that it was not something they think about.

With the advent of the digital era, it has become increasingly easy for employers to find potential candidates through social networking sites or performing a background check through an online search. Therefore professionals should ideally maintain a positive image online, especially if they are frequent users of social networking sites such as Facebook or LinkedIn.

Here are five simple steps to ensure you maintain a professional online


- Create a professional email address from which to email potential employers a hiring manager may not consider a great CV if it is sent from an unprofessional address

- Monitor the photos, videos and messages you post and ask friends to remove content you would not want an employer to see

- Be conscious of when and how often you post, as regular updates during business hours may create the wrong impression about your work ethic

- Create a Google News Alert on your name so that you can monitor what is being said about you and take action as required

- Be savvy about your privacy settings and have consistency across your profile on different sites


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