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A Job Site With a Difference - We Pay the Jobseeker When Their CV is Downloaded

A Job Site With a Difference - We Pay the Jobseeker When Their CV is Downloaded

Getting quality candidates into the right social media marketing jobs is the key role of any recruitment agency. In a way you have to look at the candidate as your product. Because your reputation, as a job board or a candidate supplier, rests on the quality of the applications sent out by those candidates and the work they eventually do.

So you have to find ways to increase the quality of your product, just like you do in any other social media advertising service. Whenever something you send out bears an association with your name, it needs to deliver your brand attributes clearly and consistently.

Actually that's doubly true of recruitment and the provision of job candidates for social media marketing jobs. Because the brand of the recruitment agency is embodied by its candidates - who in turn are trying to sell their own brand to the clients of the recruitment company.

So in order to make sure our product is always the best, we incentivise our candidates by paying them if their CV is downloaded.

Clearly the end incentive for any job seeker is a job, rather than a payment because someone's looked at their CV. But it makes a statement about quality we don't want to dilute. Effectively we're putting a little bet on the quality of the CVs coming through our site - so the end user, which is the potential employer, can see that everything about an applicant from our job site is serious.

In addition to CV payment we also run a number of training courses designed to get the best out of our candidate's existing skill sets. And of course the latent skill sets they don't even know they have. Because while drive and commitment are qualities no successful candidate should be without, the best ones have also developed a measurable range of skills by finding and completing courses designed to help them find their dream career.

Effectively, what we're doing is scouting for the raw talent and sculpting it into the social media marketing jobs of the next marketing and business generation. And the CV payment is part of that process.

We like to think our social media advertising service is raising the overall quality of our product, tailoring and training people into the careers that really work for them - and at the same time matching them with the employer who needs this kind of skill and awareness.

It's basically all about vision. The more directed the candidates on a job board are, the better they fit into the jobs being advertised there. And when you find those perfect matches the end user, the employer, develops your brand reputation through word of mouth and through the endorsement that exists every time a candidate's CV leads to an interview and eventual employment.

Using the right strategies and the right incentives, all that raw talent can be turned into something special. If you would like to know more about how, you can check out the full story at . Or find one of our candidates and see for yourself!


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