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Cost-effective next generation recruitment now available from MaxAd

Cost-effective next generation recruitment now available from MaxAd

With more than 90% of job seekers now using the internet to search for their next position, there’s a fundamental shift underway in the methods being used by employers to find their perfect skills & lsquo;match’.

However, while cyberspace does offer significant cost advantages, online recruitment specialist MaxAd, based in Hampshire, is warning employers that it can also take huge amounts of time to negotiate the labyrinth of jobs boards and forums that are springing up.

As Jenny West, founder and HR Director of tour operator Planet Cruise, found out: “I can go directly onto job boards on the internet, however, it is becoming increasingly hard to really understand which board is best to use as they all sell themselves as relevant. I quickly decided that I could spend my time more effectively running Plant Cruise and leave the recruitment search to a specialist company like MaxAd”.

Until last year, Planet Cruise used traditional recruitment methods and agencies to fill vacancies. “However, when costs incurred relate to a fixed percentage of salary, they can run into thousands of pounds and candidates presented are often sourced via web job boards anyway,” says Jenny.

So the company looked for an online recruitment specialist that could offer the best of both worlds – lower cost and effective candidate selection&hellipand they found it in MaxAd.

With MaxAd, adverts for vacancies are up and running within hours, with experienced copywriters writing and optimising all adverts to ensure prominence in Google rankings. The company proactively searches large CV databases to find passive job seekers and also actively telephone screens applicants to ensure a close match to every vacancy.

As Jenny explains: “MaxAd offers a modern approach to recruitment that is replacing the traditional recruitment agency - with a fast, knowledgeable service that can cut costs by around 80%. This certainly helps time-poor directors, HR, recruitment teams and hiring managers like me to recruit effectively. What I really like about MaxAd is that their professional team saves me time and hassle&hellipleaving me to concentrate on running my business.”


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