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ebsta is here RIP Drag&Tag

ebsta is here&hellip RIP Drag&Tag

In April this year, Drag&Tag officially rebranded as ebsta.  The new product was released along with a brand new website and launch video. New clients now include Denholm Associates, Pacific International and TP International (using ebsta integrated Bond Adapt) as well as Finatal, Technical Recruit and Eutopia (using ebsta integrated with Bullhorn). These companies join the fast growing ebsta client base that represents almost 4,000 other recruiters.

Ebsta includes a browser and Outlook plug-in that seamlessly integrates with your existing CRM, allowing users to see and update relevant CRM records while working online. Whether sending emails or surfing the internet, ebsta’s discreet side panel keeps users informed and encourages users to add notes and events to their CRM directly from any web page or email.

David Rooney, CEO at Finatal, the UK’s leading specialist financial recruiter, says “Now that it’s so easy to update Bullhorn records our CRM is much more up-to-date, and best of all our consultants can see Bullhorn when on LinkedIn, on client websites, when searching online or even when reviewing emails in Outlook.”

The key to ebsta’s success is that no-one has to change the way they work. Whether using Outlook, Excel Spreadsheets or managing contacts online, ebsta ensures the CRM works.

Paul Heslop, Director at Elliott Browne (who have been using ebsta since November 2011) explains "The plug-in is so simple that users have no excuse not to update the database. Importantly ebsta is also making a difference to our bottom line - one of our consultants has just billed &pound110,000 in one month - and he is the heaviest user of ebsta."

Guy Rubin, Founder & Managing Director of ebsta commented, “The CRM is more important today than ever before. To be productive everyone across the company needs to share and contribute to a central pool of knowledge. Most companies have invested heavily in their CRM for this very reason. However whilst management want their staff to work from a central corporate database, the staff often want to use up-to-date websites and Outlook. The company’s database as a whole was often poorly maintained. We knew there must be a better way of doing this. That’s how we came up with the idea for ebsta.

Most recruiters have developed ingenious ways to manage information and forcing them to work in a different way could actually harm sales, so instead we developed a product that lets them work as they want whilst keeping the database up-to-date.”

Since its release in June 2010, the team have invested over half a million pounds improving the product. Guy adds “I’m extremely proud of what we’ve achieved. ebsta is going to change the way a lot of people do business.”


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