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Employee Engagement. The Start of Something Good

Employee Engagement&hellip. The Start of Something Good

Engaging your employees may not guarantee survival in these fiercely challenging times but there is growing evidence to indicate that organisations which invest in engagement are better equipped to maintain performance and secure extra discretionary effort from staff. 

A significant number of surveys are providing this evidence:

engaged employees are 87% less likely to quit their jobs (data: The Corporate Leadership Council)

engaged employees take on average 2.7 sick days per year while disengaged employees take almost three times more (Gallup)

59% of engaged employees say “work brings out their most creative ideas” versus 3% of disengaged employees (Gallup)

public companies in the top quartile of employee engagement had earnings per share growth 2.6 times higher than those below average (Gallup)

engaged employees generate 43% more revenue (Hay Group).

Group Managing Director of national recruiter, HR GO plc, Dr Hugh Billot has worked within the HR industry for over 40 years. Hugh’s top five tips for employee engagement are as follows: employee attitude surveys can be extremely useful in identifying the true feelings of your workforce and bringing to light areas needing improvement. Knowing they matter will positively drive up engagement

two way communication is vital. Keep your workforce up to date with what’s going on within the business and give them a voice alllow them to contribute their ideas and action where possible to show they are a valued member of the team. As front line employees, their ideas can often be the best!

ensure your business has sound management procedures in place to create a fair and unbiased work environment for your staff including access to expert HR advice

show your commitment to your staff and provide opportunities for training and career progression accessible for all staff. Invest in them and you will reap the benefits of a more skilled and knowledgeable workforce

where temporary workers are used within your business, apply expert selection, testing and behavioural conditioning to ensure they fit easily into the employer generated culture of engagement.


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