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Loving Success and Bucking The Trend

Loving Success and Bucking The Trend

For those who have been in the industry for a while, the names Jane Atherton and Julia Vassie will not be unfamiliar. They are the epitome of the formidable nature required to succeed in the recruitment business and their history is dotted with top recruitment brands – many of which they founded. They have worked from grass roots up and for the last 25 years been developing their own businesses with unrivalled success. It’s no doubt that in this time of heavy recession that these two remarkable characters have yet again produced an inimitable company that records exceptional growth in its first full year of trading.

Cr&egraveme de la Cr&egraveme

Atherton and Vassie’s most recent creation is quite aptly named Love Success. It’s a Plc and is bursting at the seams with London’s top consultants who have worked together as a team for over 10 years in the London market and own their own share in the company - something that makes their business very unique and ensures a premium level of service to all who come into contact. The Directors comment “We are still investing heavily and are proud that all of our founding members are still with us and developing their careers&hellip they are real leaders”.

By definition a High Growth Company

It’s fairly common for SMEs to have to sit out a period of at least three years before a profit can be recorded, however, Love Success have recently had their accounts published and it seems they have broken the back of the recession, and indeed traditional SME performance, by generating a record profit and an enviable turnover in their first full year of trading. The results for the year were significantly ahead of budget forecasts, and Client numbers (including Blue Chip Clients) also heavily exceeded forecasts. The company remains free of external debt and Atherton and Vassie continue to provide personal funding. These ladies know the business and know how to make it profitable and make profit accessible to their employees.

They are optimistic about the year ahead and plans for further growth continue with a recent launch of their City office and an exponential increase in headcount guarantees more jobs and more opportunities for the industry and a sustainable contribution to the Employment Sector.

Giving back to Clients and Community

Vassie says, “It’s refreshing that we are no longer in a contrived environment filled with corporate animals who are only interested in the bottom line. It means that we can focus on other areas of business that we find genuinely important”. This includes a generous contribution to the Employment Sector and our Charity Work. Funds are also continually invested in state-of-the-art technology and training packages that allow a seamless and professional experience for Clients and Candidates.

Like that is not enough, Love Success have generously hosted six Employment Law Seminars that were designed to provide their Clients with free up-to-the-minute Employment Law information including hot topics such as Disciplinary Procedures, Practice and Procedures. These successful events were utilised in order to generate and deliver substantial donations to Macmillan Cancer Support and in fact a further &pound2k was provided to an educational establishment.

It really is refreshing. These ladies are set on making a difference – not just to the industry, but to the London community.


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