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Over 70% of Candidates will Share their Negative Recruitment Experience

Over 70% of Candidates will Share their Negative Recruitment Experience

74% of jobseekers would let others know if they had a negative experience with a company during the recruitment process, a recent survey by webrecruit has revealed.

Improving the Candidate Experience – a survey carried out by online recruiter, webrecruit – also showed 77% of job seekers expect no longer than 3 days before they have their CV application acknowledged, and 83% said less than five days to hear whether it is being passed on to a hiring manager, shortlisted or rejected. It also illustrated the importance of feedback with 77% of respondents stating it helps them to improve within the hiring process.

This latest announcement is indicative of the risks associated to a company’s brand if a negative candidate experience is provided beginning when a candidate applies for a job and finishing when receiving feedback, regardless of success.

Ken Burt, Managing Director of webrecruit said & lsquo;These findings show now, more than ever, companies both large and small must seek to provide a positive experience.

& lsquo;As a candidate, a no, although sometimes painful, is as valuable in their search for a new position as a yes’.

The survey taken part by 291 candidates, looked into a number of areas including how soon a candidate looks for their next opportunity after an application and interview, as well as preferred interviewing methods, skills testing and what is expected in a job advertisement.

Ken Burt further adds & lsquo;Not knowing can be debilitating to a candidates enthusiasm and confidence in their search for a new position’.

By understanding what annoys or confuses candidates most about an application process, companies can improve their hiring process and protect their brand when recruiting.


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