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Survey reveals that record number of people see Scotland as top destination to live, work and play

Survey reveals that record number of people see Scotland as top destination to live, work and play

TalentScotland’s Perception Survey 2012* finds that 9 out of 10 people would choose to relocate to Scotland over other areas of the UK, a significant 10% increase compared to 2010.


Job Satisfaction, career development and work/life balance all cited as most important factors when deciding where to relocate

Nearly all (92% - 95%) of respondents working in new emerging sectors (Life Sciences, ICT and Energy) would choose Scotland as a career location

69% of respondents believe Scotland offers a better work/life balance

62% of respondents think Scotland rates highly for education

*TalentScotland’s Perception Study surveyed 2,500 people throughout the UK and across the world to find out what factors influence their relocation decisions.

Edinburgh, 19 June 2012:

In a globalising world, as more people consider international career moves, the study reveals that quality of life at home and at work are the pivotal factors when choosing any relocation destination, with over 83% of respondents identifying job satisfaction, work/life balance and career development as deal breakers.

And with increasing pressures of time facing most people, this year, a massive 77% said commuting time is a critical concern when choosing where to live – a jump from 69% in 2010.

The education system is also a crucial element according to 67% of respondents, as the demand for skills and the competitive job market, continue to cause concern amongst individuals and families alike.

Why Scotland?

When asked specifically about Scotland, the most popular reasons cited for moving there were the more favourable work/life balance (69%) and its more convenient commuting time (56%), perhaps reflecting an increasing desire amongst the working population for flexible employment and more accommodating hours, which many believe can be achieved in Scotland.

Interestingly, of those based outside the UK, 58% believe that job satisfaction is greater in Scotland, whilst 60% regard career prospects as better.

Lifestyle factors were also extremely important to respondents, with 62% of them agreeing that the higher standard of education in Scotland would be a reason to relocate there. 57% agreed that they would be tempted to Scotland by the greater levels of security and safety. Access to the outdoors scored highly again with 82% of people citing it as a reason to choose Scotland – a jump from 67% in 2010.

Sector attributes

Scotlandis extremely popular amongst those working in the energy sector, 95% of which stating that they would move to Scotland for work. This not only reflects the attraction of Scotland’s established oil and gas industry, but also the opportunities available for skilled engineers to enter into Scotland’s rapidly expanding renewable energy industry.

In the ICT sector, 92% of respondents said they would relocate to Scotland, perhaps owing to the presence of global companies including IBM, Hewlett-Packard and Amazon, who are creating exciting prospects for engineers across the sector.

In addition, an impressive 95% of those already working in the life sciences sector, one of Scotland’s fastest growing industries, would choose Scotland as a career location.

Hazel Sinclair, Head of TalentScotland said:

“This survey demonstrates that Scotland is becoming increasingly competitive as a first choice destination for job seekers, with a record 89% of people considering a move to Scotland. This year, work/life balance, job satisfaction and flexible working arrangements have come out on top, reflecting Scotland’s dual appeal as somewhere that offers a fantastic lifestyle alongside exciting career and business prospects for experienced individuals.

I am pleased that education is increasingly drawing people to Scotland, as young families form a key part of our expanding demographic and future talented professionals.”


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