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Unions Relevancy Depletes due to Change in Technological and Cultural Shift

Union’s Relevancy Depletes due to Change in Technological and Cultural Shift

Oasis Search presents findings highlighting a struggle for unions to remain relevant within today’s employment industry. Information is taken from an Employee Relations Think Tank (ERTT), facilitated by Oasis Search, comprised of senior ER professionals whose collective responsibility spans in excess of half a million employees globally.

The recent ERTT, held in May 2012, suggests that unions have a tough road ahead of them in terms of continuing to attract and engage members in-light of the availability of employment legislation online, the influx of personal claims companies, and the mind set of generation Y and graduates. This depreciating relevancy is evidenced by slumping membership numbers and by many businesses developing internal functions to replicate the services that unions offer, decreasing the initial desire to join.

Whilst continued union relevancy was debated, employees were considered highly protective of their right to have Unions, regardless of their membership status. It was also apparent that individuals will support their unionised counterparts following internal disputes by either becoming a union member or by engaging in arranged strike action. However, following conflict resolution they will be quick to discontinue membership.

Jeremy Thornton, co-founder of the HR Think Tank Series and Director of Oasis Search, comments:

“Whilst it is no secret that often large employers and unions do not see eye-to-eye, I do not believe there is any question of their place within business as when channelled in a productive way they can be a very positive force. However, unions will certainly have to work hard to establish and maintain engagement from staff when competing with free resources that are so easily attainable on the internet.”



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