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Vertex Solutions Re-Organisation

Vertex Solutions – Re-Organisation

Vertex Solutions International the specialist IT recruiter, have taken the interesting move of formally splitting business development from delivery within the permanent area of their business. The philosophy behind this is that our feeling is that this model better addresses the needs of clients in the current market. Typically a “360” recruiter is naturally restricted in their ability to deliver genuine account management and great customer service. This is because the nature of their role means that they have to hit a personal revenue target and therefore their priority is to do this rather than ensure that the client holistically gets a great level of service.

Likewise they are restricted on the business development side of their business because there is always something else to do other than pick up the call to that potential new prospect. Our experience is that the ability to do both very well is found in few and far between places and thus our general questioning of this model.

Thus our permanent business is served through a combination of specialist business development executives that work hand in glove with our corporate delivery function. Corporate delivery is run by a manager with many years of account management and delivery management. He is supported through a matrix structure comprising account management, delivery consultants and resourcers.

It is early days since our formal restructure in May 2012, however the early signs are very positive and we look forward to seeing both an uplift in client satisfaction rates through an increase in vacancies filled, combined with a healthy increase in new accounts won.

Note: Vertex are hiring in to both the corporate and business development areas of the business as well as within our contract team.

(At the moment our contract division remains 360 however we envisage that there will be a future differentiation between the corporate contract accounts we support and “spot business”.)


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