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What skills shortage?

What skills shortage?

Over 50s can meet the skills gap in the HR sector, the online recruitment service that provides bespoke recruitment for experienced candidates, typically aged over 50, revealed today that it has almost 150 manufacturing candidates with over 20 years’ experience each in the industry.

“The success of highlights that there are skills there, but they are not being realised by business.” commented MD Keith Simpson. He then asserted:

“The site sees a constant flood of CVs from exceptionally well qualified people seeking new opportunities who are under-employed for one reason only – they are aged over 50. We know that their skills can be applied with success in large multi-nationals and to great effect in SMEs here in the UK” is an initiative whose central tenet is the belief that the skills of the over 50s can still be put to immense use, especially to help SMEs and start-ups. A particular focus for is matching older, skilled people with SMEs and start-ups who need the skills and experience that these candidates possess.

It is well documented that one of the biggest hurdles facing SMEs and start-ups is finance. The feedback we have received from our site members is that this directly affects recruitment with many small companies simply unable to afford salaried employees despite needing their skills. agrees with the argument that small businesses need support to move the UK out of recession. The site also believes the country is in danger of losing a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience from professional people aged over 50 who find themselves under-employed

To encourage businesses to take advantage of the skills that older jobseekers have to offer, the site plans to create a collection of exceptional people who have agreed to work on short term consultancy-style projects for very low rates to prove their worth. It’s calling these people the & lsquo;Silver Bullets’ because they will offer employers a low cost, direct and effortless solution to business problems.

Dr. Ros Altmann, Director-General of the Saga Group, commented:

" is an exciting project. It is so vital to help older people who lose their jobs to get back into the labour market as they have so much to offer."


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