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Amadeus FiRe Records Slight Increase

Amadeus FiRe Records Slight Increase

In the first six months of fiscal year 2012 the Group achieved consolidated revenues of EUR 66,557k (prior year: EUR 61,985k). This is an increase in revenue of 7.4%. Compared to the prior year all service segments reported an increase in revenue. The number of chargeable days was identical to prior year.

Sales of individual services developed as follows:

Temporary staffing 7%

Interim and project management 3%

Permanent placement 8%

Training 15%

After the first six months of the fiscal year, gross profit of the Amadeus FiRe Group amounted to EUR 27,703k after EUR 25,867k in prior year’s period. This is an increase of 7.1%. Amounting to 41.6% in the half year the gross profit margin was 0.1 per cent points below the comparable prior year amount. This development is mainly due to slightly lower utilization figures in temporary staffing and training. Furthermore, the gross profit margin of the interim and project management business was slightly below prior year’s level. The improved margin in the permanent placement business and the slightly increased share of revenues in this business did not completely compensate those effects.

In the first six months selling and administrative expenses increased by 7.9% to EUR 17,666k compared to EUR 16,369k recorded last year.

Profit from operations came to EUR 10,010k and exceeded prior year (EUR 9,535k) by 5.0%. After six months the EBITA margin is at 15.0% compared to 15.4% in prior year’s period.

Due to the current economic projections and their effect on demand for Amadeus FiRe services and on the basis of the current order situation the management board of the Amadeus FiRe Group anticipates a positive result for fiscal year 2012 that will be higher than the industry average for specialist personnel service providers.


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