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Antal Gives Update On Chinese Markets

Antal Gives Update On Chinese Markets

Salaries are soaring in Machinery market. When changing jobs or companies, more and more

candidates are expecting over 30% salary increase. In the past, 20% was a very good increase

rate in this market and only exceptional talents to specific positions could get a higher increase.

As a consequence, it is getting harder for companies to balance the staff turnover and retain their

employees. They have to pay more to hire new people who will be at the same level of

responsibilities as other employees paid much less.

Janice Liu, Manager at Antal International China Machinery team, remembers having recently

closed a deal with a candidate insisting on a 40% salary increase. If this company would not

accept such a request most other companies would. The client company also found out that most

other candidates were asking the same increase. They had to accept what at first they thought

was out of question. Chinese employment market is evolving so fast that companies themselves found it hard to keep up.


The Chinese aerospace industry has the widest portfolio of development programs in the world.

Large- and medium-sized aircraft, jets and turboprops, light and heavy helicopters are just but a

few of the programs under development today by the Chinese aerospace industry

These developments are creating a demand for talent which is up to know unseen in China.

Furthermore, the lack of such a number of programs in the horizon elsewhere is prompting

foreign companies to rethink their strategy with respect to China. Many companies have

established sizeable operations in the country to capture these opportunities and more are

expected to do so.

Chloe Shou, Team Leader at Antal International explains “As a recruiter in this field, more efforts

are exerted from the very beginning to create and define a thorough recruitment strategy together

with the clients as the search scope would very easily be expanded to cover not only China, but

the rest of the world for coping with this rapidly increasing demand of talents in this industry in


Difficulties of hiring in FMCG industry

Recruiting in the China FMCG industry is not an easy task. The latest Antal Global

Snapshot reveals that 86% of companies in the FMCG industry are recruiting at

professional and managerial level. Typical candidates are young, with 3 to 5 years

experience, very good educational background and experience in working for national

and international chains. They are usually working within Sales & Marketing, where staff

turnover is particularly high. Hence, such candidates are in demanded by employers,

who in this industry mainly need Sales & Marketing and other Shared Services positions

staff. The challenge faced by the FMCG companies in China lies in the gap between

candidates’ and clients’ expectations: it is huge. Nowadays candidates ask for more than

50% salary increase, this may have worked fine in recent past but now is no longer

acceptable. Due to a growth slowdown, many companies cannot offer such a raise. To

negotiate the contract package and attract their talents, employers now provide more

training programs (even overseas), global projects to work on, and other incentives.

Wine and Spirits brands strongly established in the China market

Among the most active FMCG’s industries, the food retailers and wholesalers are top.

The food sector has not been affected by the economic crisis and is still doing really well.

Ignoring all the other sectors’ difficulties, the wine and spirits industry is booming. Along

with Chinese lifestyle’s significant improvements, foreign wine and spirits’ brands, from

small players to major brands, are investing massively into their branding in the Middle

Kingdom, and often have very strong distribution channels.

Increasing demand in auto Logistics

Freight companies focus more on industrial project logistics businesses, such as heavy lift

auto/oil&gas and Energy industries. Most logistics companies are currently hiring for the

following positions: Project Managers, Business Developers, Sales and Pricing Managers

Africa Trade and its consequence on the Logistics industry

While before the logistics market was focused on Asia and the Pacific, it is now clearly

happening in Africa. Government projects and other business opportunities are in an attempt to

push always more Chinese companies to invest on the continent. Therefore there has been a

significant increase of demand for “project cargos”, with a relocation of Chinese staff (operation

staff, project managers) to Africa. Quite a lot of incentives are pulled out when negotiating this

type of relocation contracts: the salary can we multiplied by 3 or 4! In spite of it, only a few

people accept to go.

Candidates now drive the market

Today Chinese candidates do have their own idea on the market and what it should be. They

want to work for companies with distinctive products/service. There is therefore a need for a

stronger and better defined product/service, which would not only attract but also retain

Chinese staff in the logistics market.


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