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Internal recruitment databases are quickly becoming dormant says Arpeo Solutions

Internal recruitment databases are quickly becoming dormant says Arpeo Solutions

Recent research has shown that most recruiters are neglecting their candidate tracking systems leaving these valuable talent pools dormant as data quickly becomes out of date.

In such a candidate rich market, it is not uncommon to have 1000’s of applications for any one role. This data is then drawn into databases at a rate that no recruiter can keep up with, ruling it obsolete almost immediately. Over 50% of candidates in databases have never been contacted meaning they are lost in badly segmented data.

This is why many recruiters admit to using databases as little more than digital filing cabinets, as they continue to spend money on external job boards to find candidates.

Yet it is surprisingly easy to bring new life to your in-house databases. Database refreshing is a process of contacting lapsed customers and updating their skills, information and availability, which is all invaluable data to recruiters.

Group Marketing Manager of Fusion People, Neil Wilkie, claims that, “Database refreshing has saved us many thousands of pounds on job boards a year as recruiters can now fill more roles than ever before without needing to look outside our internal database”

Yet refreshing databases can often prove time consuming and thus expensive, which is why outsourced solutions are proving more and more popular with recruitment agencies.

“We chose Arpeo Solutions as they provided us with a secure and fast service alongside an excellent level of customer service.”

Database cleansing is often charged either on a number of records to be cleansed, or on an hourly rate, providing a flexible solution to recruitment agencies.

You don’t have to sacrifice quality either, Arpeo Solutions so confident that their services save recruiters both time and money they are offering a free trial period for anybody in need of their services!


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