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SHL Introduces First 3D Graduate Talent Simulations to Aid Recruitment of Top Talent

SHL Introduces First 3D Graduate Talent Simulations to Aid Recruitment of Top Talent

Video and avatars simulating real-life scenarios will help identify high-potential graduates, enhance the candidate experience and significantly reduce interviewing time

SHL, the global leader in talent measurement, today launches the first 3D Graduate Talent Simulation solution, a series of animated assessments including avatars and video. The innovation will serve to level the playing field in the graduate market and is in response to industry demand as companies struggle to differentiate between high quality graduates suitable for the workplace and cope with the surge of graduates applying who have similar academic performance. The simulations will immerse tech-savvy candidates in scenarios that represent a graduate-level role in the workplace enabling companies to identify high potential talent which is the right fit for their organisations.

The 3D Graduate Talent Simulations allow an employer to predict the candidate’s behaviour in a typical working environment. Graduates are presented with short animated video clips of several real-life job scenarios and their responses can be used to determine a candidate’s suitability for a particular role. In addition, the talent simulations offer an improved candidate experience as the assessments are interactive and engaging.

Currently 75% of graduate employers stipulate a 2:1 degree as a minimum requirement[1] and this is screening out large numbers of potentially talented applicants from the outset. The Graduate Talent Simulation tool will serve to level the playing field allowing a broader talent pool to be assessed, and differentiate between candidates with similar academic performance. Recruiters can use the off-the-shelf simulations to assess attitude, personality and ability, the softer skills crucial for success in the workplace.

This is an important breakthrough for graduate recruiters in light of there being an average of 52 job applications for every graduate position this year. This is an 11% rise on applications from last year[2] and it reflects the large number of graduates who failed to find employment in previousyears. The SHL simulation technology will help to dramatically reduce the number of applicants in the recruitment process by limiting the need for a first-round interview, significantly reducing HR interviewer time and narrowing the numbers of candidates needing to attend a costly assessment centre at a later stage.

“The battle for talent is being fought at the graduate level. Companies know that these candidates are key to building future leadership and operational capabilities. However, while recruiters report being inundated with applications they still have difficulty finding top talent using their existing processes and tools. Equally, they worry that candidates’ experiences during recruiting may not be positioning their company in the best light, costing them valuable top candidates,” said Dr. Ken Lahti, vice president, product development & innovation at SHL.

“Employers are looking for a more automated and efficient way to measure the softer skills needed in the workplace which cannot be predicted by academic track record. SHL’s Graduate Talent Simulations fill this gap in the market – providing advanced and reliable screening at the beginning of the recruitment process, using engaging multimedia simulations that improve the candidate experience, and saving companies thousands of pounds by reducing interviewer time and bringing fewer but better-qualified candidates through to the assessment centre stage.”

The SHL Graduate Talent Simulations can be customised and branded to suit the employer offering a personal, true to life experience. Graduates have grown up with YouTube, Facetime and video-gaming and the release of Graduate Talent Simulations will help the recruitment process to fully engage Gen Y applicants.

Laura Frith, vice president global resourcing and talent solutions, Intercontinental Hotel Group, said: “We are taking proactive steps to embrace new media throughout our recruitment process and make it an engaging and interactive experience so that everyone who touches our brand has a good experience.”

“With more than 1,000 hotels in the pipeline it is crucial that we find the best talent worldwide. In this highly competitive market we’re constantly looking for the optimum ways to attract, identify and recruit the right graduates for our business. Graduate Talent Simulations is an exciting development from SHL and will enhance a candidate experience and reflect positively on the brand, regardless of whether a candidate is successful in their application.”

The immersive recruitment experience provides a new way of employing graduates whilst still being underpinned by the same scientific principles of SHL’s online assessments. SHL will also offer a bespoke option allowing the client to work closely with SHL to deliver a truly original multi-media experience for candidates.

Five simulations will be available assessing the most commonly sought after attributes which employers look for in graduates. These are based around: working with people, delivering results and meeting customer expectations, deciding and initiating action, adapting and responding to change, relating and networking. Scenarios can include: handling increasing workloads, negotiating a shifting deadline or rectifying an error which the client has noticed. A typical simulation will take as little as eight minutes to complete.


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