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Tazio and Smart Recruit Online Announce Partnership

Tazio and Smart Recruit Online Announce Partnership

Digital interview platform Tazio, has announced a partnership deal with the award winning online recruitment service Smart Recruit Online (SRO) enabling their clients to access Tazio’s automated video interviews directly from the SRO website.

The integration of the two sites means once an employer has completed the select and match process on the SRO site, they can invite the best matched candidates to complete a Tazio automated video interview at the click of a button. The addition of video interviews to the SRO service saves employers even more time, avoiding time consuming telephone screens and first round interviews and the associated scheduling headaches.

Tazio founder and Managing Director Tom Stroud said, “With Tazio integrated into the Smart Recruit Online service, employers are able to significantly reduce their recruitment costs, speed up the time to hire and most importantly, attract and identify the best candidates from the widest possible talent pool.”

Mark Stephens, Founder of Smart Recruit Online added, “We have selected the Tazio service to integrate with the Smart service, because we believe that it is the best of breed in the video interview space at this time. We are very pleased to have completed the integration and can now provide our customers with an even more superior service than before.”

About Tazio (

Tazio is the easy to use, online service which enables employers and recruitment agencies to create virtual job interviews consisting of video, audio and text based questions, which candidates complete online.

Their recorded interviews can be watched on demand, shared with colleagues and hiring teams securely online at anytime, from anywhere. Video interviews save recruiters time and money, speed up hiring decisions and improve the candidate experience.

About Smart Recruit Online (

Smart Recruit Online (SRO) is a ground breaking, new, award winning online recruitment service. Unlike other fixed fee recruitment services, it is fully automated, using clever software to select the best matched candidates, instead of using a recruiter.

SRO is connected through to an impressive network of over 3,000 national, local and niche job boards across the UK and also posts into the 3 main social media platforms, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

The real power of this service, comes from the select and match software that works very effectively inside the campaign management tool, removing resources and time from the process of recruiting.

For more information on about Tazio contact Tom Stroud on 0844 493 5560, or to find out more about Smart Recruit Online, contact Mark Stephens on 0800 634 1818.


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