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The Social Recruiting Iceberg by Sirona Consulting

The Social Recruiting Iceberg

Why do people still think social recruiting is just about having a Facebook page.......... and then saying 'No' because they don't like the idea of Facebook for their company? Worse still, they continue to block access to Facebook and social media in the workplace!! (Have you not heard of smart phones?!]
Social recruiting is about understanding that your 'little recruiting world' is changing. The world is moving on, whether you like it or not. Keep on doing what you have always done is fine as long as you understand the diminishing returns on those activities. The volumes can still be high (especially with job boards) but the number of quality candidates are declining (according to every single one of my clients!)
If you think you are confused where to place job adverts - spare a thought for the candidates you seek. They have job boards, online networks, friend referrals, Facebook adverts, search results and loads more channels trying to get their attention every day. Where does your recruitment brand fit into that for them? It is worth thinking about......
Successful social recruiting is all about knowing what you are actually recruiting for and (hugely) importantly where these people are. Then and only then can you start worrying about the tactics you are going to use to atract and recruiting them.
The Social Media Iceberg by Mark Smiciklas above, sums this up perfectly. The tip of the iceberg -the social networks - would not even be showing above the water without the various parts of the strategy needed to support it.
What is interesting is that from my experiences this year, is that the corporates (most of the time) are getting this point EVERY time, and they understand it. However, the vast majority of recruitment companies are not (sadly).
Strategy is needed to underpin the move to social recruitment, and it should be integrated into your existing recruitment processes to make it sustainable for your company.
The fax machine was an essential recruitment tool ..... once .... then change happened. Email didn't happen overnight, it evolved into something we all use every day. Social media is in the same place. We all use it every day (well most of us!) to communicate, like, share, engage and comment. The next stage is it becoming part of everyone's working day....... whether you like it or not!
But before you shape your iceberg tip, make sure you have the base to support it first. If the base of an iceberg is too small it won't last - it will simple melt and disappear into the ocean. An ill-prepared social recruiting strategy will sink the same way.
And we haven't even talked mobile yet - an even bigger change for you to get your head around! ;-)

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