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Vanquish helps Foresight Recruitment Solutions to monitor contract workers on client sites

Vanquish helps Foresight Recruitment Solutions  to monitor contract workers on client sites

Auto Time Solutions, one of the UK’s leading providers of workforce management systems, has been selected by Foresight Recruitment Solutions of Warrington to automate the time and attendance process of its contract staff on client sites.

The agreement will see Auto Time integrate its flagship product Vanquish with advanced biometric terminals to provide Foresight with real-time visibility into the working practices of its employees.

Managing a large workforce spread over multiple client sites creates significant management challenges for recruitment agencies when it comes to managing staff time. Subsequently the need for a comprehensive workforce management solution, which accurately collates time and attendance data and automates the process, is essential.

Auto Time will be installing biometric GPRS handpunch terminals to record employee times at client sites with large volumes of candidates. These terminals automatically take a three dimensional reading of an employee’s hand and will verify an employee’s identity in less than one second. This provides a secure form of data capture and eliminates the possibility of buddy punching – the fraudulent act of workers clocking in and out for one another.

All data captured by the system will be instantly fed back in real-time to Foresight’s head office and made accessible to managers who will instantly be able to monitor who has clocked on when and where.

The fact that the terminals communicate wirelessly via GPRS technology means they can be hosted independently from client networks, and no IT support infrastructure or cabling is required on client sites.

For Foresight this means they can easily be installed and uninstalled on client sites as contracts are won and lost.

Christian Berenger, Business Development Director at Auto Time Solutions says: “We are thrilled to be working with Foresight Solutions on the deployment of a time and attendance at its client sites.

“We’re confident that Vanquish will help Foresight to keep better track of labour costs, streamline its operations and add significant value to their clients.”

Dylan Cooper, Managing Director at Foresight Recruitment Solutions says: “We supply staff to many clients across the UK and can have a large number of candidates working on site at any one time.

“Monitoring staff time using the biometric system provides our clients with accurate and easily accessible reports as well as more transparency from our costs.

“The biometric solution guarantees that all clocking data is highly accurate and genuinely reflects the time employees spend at work. This removes any discrepancies and disputes about hours worked and the possibility of fraudulent clocking practices.

“Our partnership with Auto Time Solutions is another step in offering our clients a complete recruitment package and further developing our on-site service.”

By accurately monitoring the attendance of its staff the biometric system will not only guarantee that staff have worked their contracted hours but will also streamline the payroll process by removing the administrative burden associated with handling timesheets and manually inputting data.

This will help to improve Foresight’s overall business performance and add significant value to its service by providing its clients with greater transparency from their labour costs.


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