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Virgin Money, Institute of Recruiters (IOR) & Pertemps work together

Virgin Money, Institute of Recruiters (IOR) & Pertemps work together to offer additional support to jobseekers.

Virgin Money, the Institute of Recruiters (IOR) and Pertemps are working together to offer job seekers further support in seeking employment in what is clearly a very difficult employment market.  Motivational support, interview techniques, job market and skills analysis were amongst the guidance offered at Virgin Money’s customer lounge in Manchester city centre in June 2012.  The event was the first of a pilot scheme by the IOR to further support job seekers in partnership with business, ensuring that there is an understanding of what opportunities exist in the employment market, and what key skills employers are looking for.

With the latest Ofsted report showing less than one in five jobseekers were successful in gaining work after taking courses at a further education (FE) centre, it is imperative that Britain’s unemployed are supported by business to ensure they have the right skills to succeed in securing work.

Ofsted's report said further education courses “typically failed to provide intensive training in work-related skills required for specific job roles".

Azmat Mohammed, IOR Director General said. “It was a hugely valuable session and the IOR is committed to building partnerships with employers in order to host more events that can help people find work.  It is vital that business plays a greater role in assisting UK jobseekers to better understand what skills they are looking for currently, and what employment opportunities they are looking to create in the near future.  The IOR sees this type of joint event with industry partners as a key component of its offering to job seekers.”

Matthew Coffey, Ofsted's national director of learning and skills, said: "Currently 8.2% of the population is unemployed, with latest figures showing that of these, 1.41 million have been so for more than six months.”

Vicky Morrison from Virgin Money said: “The session hosted by the IOR team was inspirational and delivered above our expectations. This will without doubt be the first step in our relationship with Azmat and his team and we are looking forward to our next project together.” 

Attendees ranged from the long term unemployed to those recently made redundant and looking for a speedy re-entry into work.  Role-play to better explain how to overcome barriers that can lead to unsuccessful job interviews were demonstrated in order to show candidates how body language can influence an employer's perception of an interviewee. Statistics were shared showing some decisions to hire were made in the first minute of a meeting, often before a word had even been spoken.


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