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Workstream Launches its Own Online Timesheet System

Workstream Launches its Own Online Timesheet System

New online system is designed to meet specific needs of construction industry

Leading temporary site personnel supplier Workstream Construction Services today launches a new online timesheet entry system aimed at site managers who are currently forced to spend hours every week manually completing and faxing “Gang” timesheets for a large number of operatives. Designed and developed in-house by Workstream, the system is already bringing significant benefits to some of the company’s clients according to managing director, Keith Alderton:

“We considered several off-the-peg online timesheet systems,” says Mr Alderton, “but we couldn’t find a solution that was relevant to the needs of construction site managers. We therefore felt we had no alternative but to develop our own.

“Over the past three months, we’ve been piloting our system with a small group of clients, all with their own individual requirements. Those clients have found the system to be easier to use than conventional, paper-based timesheet systems, quicker to complete, more accurate and more secure. Our testers also liked the ability to customise timesheet formats to fit in with their own company processes rather than make do with the usual & lsquo;one-size-fits-all’ gang timesheet system. We have been very encouraged by the feedback we’ve received during the test period and we’re delighted to be rolling out the new system today to any of our clients who want to use it.”

Workstream’s online timesheet entry system has the following features:

Easy access at any time – Users can deal with Workstream online timesheets whenever and wherever they have access to the Internet.

Lower overheads – Workstream online timesheets require no printing or faxing the entire process can be handled digitally.

Secure – Workstream issues secure, password-protected log-ins to the system only to its clients’ authorised signatories, dramatically reducing the risk of timesheet fraud. .

Time-saving – Workstream online timesheets are pre–populated with details of all the temporary operatives it places on each site, so there’s no longer any need to laboriously fill them manually. (Each operative’s details include his/her name, occupation, Workstream candidate code and placement number. The company’s clients also add their own payroll codes if they wish.)

Customisable – The format of each client’s timesheets can be quickly and simply adapted to match the company’s exact specifications:

• Clients can select whether a site’s working week begins on a Monday, a Saturday or any other day of the week

• Clients can select whether their timesheets record daily start and finish times or just the total hours worked

• Clients can choose whether to enter hours worked in decimal numbers or in hours and minutes

• If applicable, clients can enter the number of overtime hours for each of the agreed rates (eg, time-and-a-quarter, time-and-a-third, time-and-a-half, double-time, etc).

More comprehensive and less prone to mistakes – Workstream online timesheets show all the hours worked by its temporary site operatives (including overtime hours) in a clear, unambiguous and easily verifiable format.

Convenient – Workstream online timesheets calculate all daily and weekly totals automatically, so clients don not need to waste time figuring out the total hours worked by each and every operative.

Controllable – Before they submit completed timesheets to Workstream’s payroll department, users are presented with a summary of the hours they have entered, so they can validate them before proceeding. Once hours have been checked and approved, a PDF of each timesheet is automatically created and emailed to Workstream, to the client’s authorised signatory and to any other nominated person or department (eg, the company’s Accounts Department and/or HR).


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