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Be a better boss with the Executive Assistant

Be a better boss with the Executive Assistant
Proffice launches a new service: Executive Assistant.

- If you as a manager liberator more than 8% of the time by means of an Executive Assistant, it is a worthwhile investment, says Per Bergerud, Business Development Director at Proffice.

- The freed time and help to keep track of administrative tasks, you can focus on the most important tasks, says Per Bergerud.

A modern Executive Assistant is far from yesterday's classic chief secretary, who primarily handled administrative tasks.
- The Executive Assistant will be the chief right hand, act as a problem solver and sparring partner, providing knowledge support and take forward the right information, says Per Bergerud.

It may take time to recruit a qualified Executive Assistant, sometimes up to six months before the person is in place. While looking for the right candidate Proffice its large network can hire a temporary resource.
- It is important that the right person is in the right place. Therefore, we make a thorough quality control to ensure that the person we choose is an important resource, says Per Bergerud.

Translated from Norwegian to English.


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