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BrightPool launches unique system for clients to manage performance of contractors

BrightPool launches unique system for clients to manage performance of contractors

Makes it easy for clients to see which contractors are working most effectively

Fills huge gap in appraisal of workforce

BrightPool, the specialist financial services recruiter, has launched a unique management system that allows clients to track the performance of contractors that they hire, called BrightPool Connect.

BrightPool Connect puts clients in complete control of all their assignments by providing them with the management information they need to see which contractors are delivering the best quality work at the best value for money.

BrightPool says that while most companies closely monitor the performance of their permanent staff they do not apply anything like the same rigour to their contractors. With the high number of contractors used in modern organisations, this can be a huge gap in the management of these businesses.

Angela Hickmore, Managing Director, BrightPool, says: “UK PLC wastes millions of pounds every year because businesses fail to monitor how effectively the contractors they hire are working. Brightpool Connect stops this from happening.”

“By providing clients the information they need to measure value for money, BrightPool Connect allows clients to control the costs of their contractor workforce.”

“The vast majority of businesses have become really good at measuring the performance of their permanent staff, but they simply don’t do that when it comes to contractors. That’s a real oversight.”

BrightPool Connect, which is offered to all BrightPool clients, measures the performance of every candidate placed by BrightPool against agreed goals and timescales, allowing them to see at a glance how all their BrightPool contractors are performing.

Angela Hickmore comments: “BrightPool Connect is a unique system – clients simply won’t be able find something similar from other recruitment consultancies. It offers real value to clients, by showing them how all their BrightPool candidates are performing. Any contractors that aren’t delivering can be identified, while really effective contractors will stand out so the client can use them again.”

“Through BrightPool Connect, we’re giving our clients the opportunity to measure the performance of our contractors – we think we really deliver tangible value to our clients and we want to help them measure that service. What other recruiters can say the same?”

“By making candidate performance completely transparent, BrightPool Connect empowers clients to control their spending on contractors by targeting the most efficient contractors.”

“This can make a huge difference for an organisation going through a contractor-hungry major change programme. For example, retail financial services businesses are really big users of contractors but often they don’t have a way of seeing which recruitment firms are providing them with the best candidates.”

Features of BrightPool Connect include:

Goal-setting for the assignment, so contractors know what they need to do to get the job done

Performance reporting by the contractors, who mark their performance against their goals in a clear and measurable system

A forum for clients, contractors and consultants to discuss the role

Timesheet management can be controlled within BrightPool Connect

BrightPool Connect is accessible through smartphones and tablet computers, allowing clients to manage their contractors no matter where they are

Angela Hickmore continues: “It is really important for clients and contractors to agree on what the results of the placement should be and BrightPool Connect provides them with an easy-to-access space where they can clearly set out the targets and see whether they are being achieved.”

“If the requirements of the job change during the placement, it’s easy for the clients to update the contractor’s goals, making it clear to the contractor what they need to do to succeed in the role.”

“BrightPool Connect is completely transparent, providing the client, the contract and BrightPool with a single place to communicate with each other about the roles. Any problems that arise can be identified and nipped in the bud.”


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