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Commenting on National Work-life Week, Michael Gentle, Head of Consumer Marketing, Monster UK

Commenting on National Work-life Week, Michael Gentle, Head of Consumer Marketing, Monster UK and Ireland said:

Advice for recruitment agency owners

The recruitment world is fast paced and demanding, but helping staff to achieve a work/life balance can be an enormous benefit for your business. Staff who have a work/life balance are likely to be more engaged, happy and productive. In addition, workplaces that adopt a flexible work manner are more likely to attract a high caliber of staff and retain them!

There are simple things recruitment agency owners can do to provide an accommodating workplace:

Work closely with your IT department: they should be at the heart of flexible working procedures. They can help allow employees be productive while ensuring vital data is protected.

Unified communications means your staff can have the same computer functionality, even the same telephone extension number, at work and at home

Cloud computing offers a brilliant temporary solution to flexible working. The Cloud allows staff to access files using web-enabled devices such as smartphones, netbooks and laptops to simultaneously share documents and other files over the internet. Many providers offer a per user per month cost, which lets you opt in and out of flexible working, as your operational demands dictate.

Provide clear career progression paths: monthly and yearly objectives should be set, with reviews so that staff feel they are heading towards their goals, and climbing the career ladder. Staff who are well trained are likely to deliver better results, and feel more confident in their role

Provide meaningful benefits packages: give staff the day off for their birthday, provide them with an annual allowance to spend as they choose on an activity that aids personal development in some way, i.e learning a language or taking music lessons

Hold away-days and fun activities: This will help build morale and is great for team building, it allows staff to engage with one another in a more personal way. Even holding fun activities that are cheap to run in the office such as “bake-offs” and movie nights can have a really positive impact. Team competitions will also encourage healthy interactions, and is good for relationship building

More detailed information can be found on Monsters advice page for employers.


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