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DarwinComments On The Business Bank

DarwinComments On The Business Bank

As the government plans to launch a new business bank Darwin recruitment identifies areas where government intervention could help.

On the back of the government’s plans to open a bank that is designed to increase the amount of lending to businesses Darwin asks if the real problem is funding or if it is to do with innovation and the lack of impetus to sell things.

Darwinis set for European growth exporting its recruitment expertise and consultancy services to the mainland where the ability to sell is imperative. “Clearly funding is a critical issue for any small to medium sized business but you need to have real innovation to make, sell and export products and services” says Paul Kirby, CEO and joint founder of Darwin Recruitment. .

As a successful business exporting its services to Europe, Darwin Recruitment opened its first European office in Amsterdam one year ago. With a further European office about to be announced within the next few weeks Darwin has seen double digit growth over the last 3 years.

“There is no doubt that when a small business reaches a certain size that you need to bring in some financial expertise and while we fully support the idea of a bank designed solely for small to medium sized businesses this will not replace the creative ideas that come first. Critically we need to get competent at selling things, which Darwin has always been good at” says Paul.

In its recent survey across Europe on Managing the Mobility of Labour Darwin identifies areas where government intervention and funds could help with innovation to meet consumer demand for communication devices and business demand for skills to bring these products to market.

"We must get behind, support and develop the right skills that are currently in demand as these will support enterprise” says Paul.


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