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ePayMe Launches PAY+platinum The ONLY multiple agency solution

ePayMe Launches PAYplatinum The & lsquo;ONLY’ multiple agency solution

ePayMe are pleased to announce they have finalised the last of a wide suite of products to best suit any contract worker or temporary staffing agency.

PAY&trade the widely known and very much utilised product branding of ePayMe has now been given its 4th and final variant: PAYplatinum.

Following the success of PAY, which was launched back in January 2011, it soon became apparent that low earning contract workers were being penalised by standard Umbrella solutions, where they were paying large administration fees, regardless or hourly rate or amount of hours worked in a given week. PAYlite was then introduced and focused on those earning below &pound7.50 per hour, whilst both PAY & PAYlite do not charge a fee if the contractor earns less than &pound125.00 per week.

In July 2012 ePayMe introduced PAYelite. This was developed for higher earners (above &pound20 per hour) that were unable to warrant or justify setting themselves up as a Limited Company based on the contract period being short term.

Now, the future September 2012, ePayMe have launched PAYplatinum. This is designed and focused on contractors wishing to work through multiple agencies. When a contractor works with multiple agencies and in many cases multiple payroll providers, they are not only losing out on being tax efficient, but they are also penalised for multiple payroll administration fees.

Managing Director of ePayMe, Andy Johnston said: “I have been astonished at the level of support and take up from both contractors and agencies regarding the innovative PAYplatinum solution, that provides a valued service to our employees. There have been a handful of agencies that feel this is not in their best interest, regardless of what is right for the worker. I’m sure these will follow shortly once they see how this product not only benefits the contractor financially, but also enables the agency to secure prime workers for their clients. Isnt that the main aim to any temporary agency?”

ePayMe have surpassed market leaders with PAY. After evaluating all possible solutions, an enhanced PAYE service or changes to dispensation for Umbrella, it was clear these were not a sustainable service for the masses. The only solution that could ensure unparalleled performance, financial benefit and enabling contractors who like the benefits of both PAYE and Umbrella can now enjoy the PAY products.


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