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James Caan heads up IORs Genius Blog

James Caan heads up IOR’s Genius Blog

James Caan, celebrated British entrepreneur, and Tristan Ramus, the Founder and CEO of the UK’s largest recruitment focused private equity firm, Hamilton Bradshaw, have joined the IOR’s Genius Team blog as expert contributors. With the addition of Caan and Ramus the Genius Team blog is expected to dramatically increase its subscriber numbers, from an already popular figure of just fewer than 11,000.

Their first entries have gone live which can be viewed by following this link:

Consisting of more than 20 of the recruitment industry’s most distinguished names as contributors, the Genius Team blog has been designed to provide its subscribers with highly informative, relevant and useful information on all topics pertaining to the recruitment industry. Current experts already include Mike Walmsley, & lsquo;Recruitment Genius’, Hannah Keep, & lsquo;Recruitment Training Expert’ and Jorgen Sundberg, & lsquo;Social Media Expert’. Subscribers receive email alerts of every new blog entry.

Caan will be submitting regular pieces advising on a variety of topics ranging from the best practices surrounding recruitment consultancy to how to best run your recruitment agency. Readers can find Caan under the title & lsquo;Business Genius’. Ramus will be focusing his contributions on the best way to maximise shareholder value in your recruitment business and how to create an agency attractive to investors. Ramus can be found under the title of & lsquo;Investment Expert’.

Caan is extremely excited to be playing such an important role in the development of the IOR’s online support service to recruitment professionals remarking, “The IOR performs a fantastic service to its 2,500 members and has been extending the range of its services quite rapidly over recent months. The Genius Team represents a wonderful opportunity for staffing professionals to engage with some of the brightest individuals in the recruitment world and gain access to highly specialist expertise at zero cost. I do feel I have a lot to bring to the table having founded and sold a number of recruitment businesses over my 30 year career and am very much looking forward to contributing.”

Ramus is equally enthusiastic at the chance to be interacting with one of the industry’s most engaged staffing audiences saying, “The Institute of Recruiters is building a highly compelling communications piece and as such I am delighted to have been approached to write for the Genius Team. More than anything, I am looking forward to imparting as much expertise as I possibly can to the blog’s subscribers and instigating debate around how to best improve the value of the UK’s recruitment businesses.”

With Caan and Ramus recruited the Genius Team promises to widen its appeal within the staffing sector even further. Azmat Mohammed, Director General of the IOR and fellow Genius Team contributor, attests that, "The IOR has a very clear mission to have a valued impact on the recruitment sector by sharing knowledge, offering superior qualifications, links with government and links with business. The excellent additions to our free Genius Team blog are a clear step in that direction. Our education programme for recruiters will be launching soon and the value of being IOR Qualified will be clear to see."

This latest news marks a big step in the growing popularity of the IOR, who have seen impressive returns in engagement with the UK recruitment market through their integrated approach to social media.


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