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ManpowerGroup has released a report today at Global Youth Economic Opportunities Conference

ManpowerGroup has released a report today at Making Cents International's Global Youth Economic Opportunities Conference that calls on governments to closely collaborate with companies and educators in developing and scaling the massive initiatives needed to increase the number of work opportunities available for young people.

The new report, "How Policy Makers Can Boost Youth Employment" supplements "Wanted: Energized, Career-Driven Youth," a ManpowerGroup paper published earlier in 2012 which focuses on how businesses can lead youth mentoring, recruiting and career development initiatives. Making Cents International enables organizations around the world to adopt strategies to create quality employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for youth and other vulnerable persons.

"Public awareness of the rising number of jobless youth has intensified over the last decade," said David Arkless, ManpowerGroup's President of Global Corporate and Government Affairs. "The Human Age's new talent-based economy offers tremendous opportunities but it also demands more specialized skills from new workers."

"Today's efficient economy is not guaranteed to create enough jobs for all young people who want to work," Arkless added. "Without aggressive and proactive job creation and youth employment strategies both developed and developing countries face growing job scarcity, social tensions, and a lost generation of young people."

"We're pleased that ManpowerGroup released its report at this year's conference," said Fiona Macaulay, Founder and CEO of Making Cents. "With more than 75 million young people unemployed across the globe, we need to find the best ideas out there and scale them rapidly, to quickly broaden the impact across regions."

Making Cents' Global Youth Economic Opportunities Conference is one of the leading global forums for world-class practitioners and experts to get together and share ideas for helping young people.

The new ManpowerGroup report targets effective concepts and actual practices in four areas: creating jobs and promoting entrepreneurship helping young people acquire economically relevant skills assisting youth's workforce entry and developing national strategies for scaling career development programs. In preparing the report, ManpowerGroup interviewed more than 50 leading innovators, practitioners, and researchers in the field of youth employment, as well as drawing on its own global experience with youth-oriented workforce development.


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