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Synergy Kickstarts autism charity

Synergy Kickstarts autism charity

Synergy Group’s Kickstart programme recently helped solve Prior’s Court Foundation’s staffing problems by placing over 35 personnel in various social care jobs within the organisation.

The award-winning programme, which has been kickstarting careers and providing recruitment solutions for over 10 years, offers employers a chance to reach out to those looking to change career path or those who are long-term unemployed.

Siva Singh, Head of Group Sales at Synergy, says what sets Kickstart apart from traditional recruitment processes is the fact the programme targets a largely un-tapped market – the long-term unemployed – individuals who have the right competencies but not necessarily the experience.

“Due to increased competition for jobs, many people don’t have access to employment opportunities because they often can’t get their foot on the first rung of the career ladder,” Singh explained.

“We work collaboratively with organisations such as Prior’s Foundation to design a personalised recruitment campaign to attract quality candidates and supplement this with tailored training opportunities for candidates so they can hit the ground running and contribute to the business from day one.”

To date, Kickstart has benefited over 3500 individuals and more than 100 organisations in the revenues and benefits, parking, housing and social care markets.

To find out more about Kickstart program visit the website at:


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