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The Recruitment International Fantasy League Sponsored By FuturaRec2Rec

The Recruitment International Fantasy League Sponsored By FuturaRec2Rec

Was it a fix?

Well, what an barnstorming roller coaster of an opening week for our Fantasy League. With Chelsea, Swansea, RVP and Carlos Tevez all not getting onto the scoresheet a good 50% of our teams' forward and midfield players did absolutely nothing and it was left to those far-sighted managers who picked the likes of Ryan Nelsen and the out-of-form Demba Ba to race up the league at the final game, and in Ba's case, the final minute.

With lots of games being played on Saturday for a change, early leaders and City fanatics, Bernie Wilcox (Pari Passu) and Mark Tully (Roevin) must have thought they were quids in with large scores for Jaaskelainen, Gibbs, Crouch, Cole and Fletcher but Sunday's clash between Reading and Spurs and Monday's thriller between Everton and Newcastle put paid to their hopes.

The Reading Spurs clash saw those managers like Tom Erotokritakis, Dan McEvilly, Angela Wright, Meridien's Mike Walsh, Chris Barnes and Recruitment International editor, David Head race towards the top with superb scores for Bale, Walker and Crouch.

However, it was Monday night's drama at Goodison that really put the cat amongst the pigeons. Both Dan McEvilly and Chris Barnes had substitute Demba Ba in their teams to go 4th and 2nd respectively and Angela Wright was certainly wearing the Right Shorts when she made the Toon sub her captain for the week. As you all will know, Ba came on at the start of the second half, scored within 4 minutes and then scored a dramatic 90th minute equaliser for Toon to share the spoils.

You will also know that, 'bar' his goal against Spurs in the opening game of the season, Ba hadn't scored since February so it has to the hats off to Angela for her foresight and the 24 points that Demba has brought to her. If she can tell us tomorrow's lottery numbers and who's going to win the 3-40 at Thirsk today, we'd all be very grateful.

Many congratulations to Editor and QPR fan David Head who scored a fantastic 64 points to take first place (fix, fix), closely followed by Chris Barnes in second, Angela Wright in third, Dan McEvilly in fourth and John West in fifth.

If you could all please add the names of your agencies to the team name or the manager name we can name check you and your company in future reports.

Good picking for next week! And its not too late to enter and win &pound1,000!!


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