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Verax announces PEP-Select with intergrated De-railer Index

Verax announces PEP-Select, a new-generation recruitment selection tool with integrated De-railer Index

Ideal for talent spotting maximising ROI in candidates - and identifying rogue candidates

Hartley Wintney, Hampshire. Verax International has launched PEP-Select, a new-generation tool with an integrated De-railer Index. PEP-Select minimises the risk of recruiting the wrong candidate while helping to recruit those who will add value to the employer organisation.

Based on extensive research - and experience of developing organisational, team and personal effectiveness diagnostics - PEP-Select looks for adaptability in a candidate and shows how effective that candidate is likely to be. The De-railer Index identifies rogue candidates, including senior executives and other managers whose actions or behaviour could blow a business off course.

"Adaptability in a candidate is key," says Verax chairman Keith Bedingham. "It correlates highly with on-job effectiveness, irrespective of role, and can be used across roles to help identify new rising stars in any part of an organisation. It is a good predictor of senior management potential.

"Individually or together, characteristics associated with adaptability and effectiveness drive ROI and add value. The more a candidate has of them, the better will be the value added to the business," he says.


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