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Career progression on hold until UK economy recovers

Career progression on hold until UK economy recovers

A quarter of UK workers (26%) feel that their career has either stood still or gone backwards over the past two years, according to research released today by one of the UK’s leading independent recruitment consultancies, Change Recruitment Group.

Almost two thirds (64%) of respondents think their career would have progressed further had the UK not seen a recession, and a further quarter (23%) said they had hoped to have progressed faster than they had.

A quarter of workers (26%) said their career was on track, whereas just one in six (14%) felt they had significantly progressed.

Frustrations are starting to show as three quarters (74%) confess to job hunting, with almost half (44%) of those looking for a move, doing so in order to take a step up.

Mark McFall, Change Recruitment’s domestic managing director said: “There is no denying that the working environment in the UK has been tough over the last few years, with some sectors suffering more than others. A number of organisations have seen restructuring and even downsizing, meaning that there are potentially fewer opportunities for people to be promoted into more senior roles.

“However, career development is an essential tool in retaining staff and ultimately creating a working environment where people want to stay. Investment in training and development goes a long way to creating a culture where staff feel they’re developing and working towards an end goal.

“Regular performance reviews and clear goal setting will enable both employees and employers to ensure that they are on track. This is about organizations investing to better their people for the challenges ahead.”


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