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College joins forces with recruitment agency to beat back youth unemployment

College joins forces with recruitment agency to beat back youth unemployment

With the disappearance of the Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) from schools and colleges nationwide, one local college is upping the odds as it joins forces with a recruitment company to help students become more financially independent.

Rotherham College of Arts and Technology and GI Group are teaming up to get students into employment so that they can support themselves whilst still studying on their courses and earn a bit of cash.

By running workshops and assessment days at the College campuses, GI Group will show students what it is like to go to interviews and participate in recruitment processes. It also aims to make as many employment opportunities available for students as it can.

The Regional Manager of GI Group, Margaret Inglesant, said: “We are delighted to have developed our long standing partnership with Rotherham College of Arts and Technology to encompass all of their recruitment needs. We will also be working together with staff and managers there to help their students find part-time work which will subsidise them whilst studying.

“We will be attending the campus regularly to work with students to help them identify future career choice and to help prepare them for making job applications and attending interviews.”

GI Group will also help students find full-time employment after they finish their courses and, with the Group’s link to employers, hopes to promote the amount of apprenticeships the College can provide for young people in Rotherham.

Ann Hardy, Assistant Principal at Rotherham College, said: “This partnership enables us to provide students with a range of employment opportunities which will support them in their future careers.”


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