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Darwin Recruitment launches Advanced Development Programme (ADP) for experienced consultants

Darwin Recruitment launches Advanced Development Programme (ADP) for experienced consultants.

Darwin has launched a new three year leadership programme for its senior consultants in a bid to smash its current double digit growth.

Darwin the IT recruitment specialist in Europe has just announced its new three year development programme to staff. With the help of external consultant Ben Brett, Darwin aims to fuel its already impressive organic growth through training and developing its key talent. “We owe our growth to the recruitment of local people and have always nurtured young talent in house, but there comes a time when you need to develop your senior team beyond standard sales training to get the most out of them” says Paul Kirby, CEO and Joint Founder of Darwin Recruitment.

Over the last three years Darwin has seen impressive growth and the vision is to develop a range of commercial skills that will transform sales people into business people equipped with complementary consultancy skills to advise clients. With 95% of its business being conducted in Europe, a 44% increase in head count, and its first foothold onto main land Europe with an office opening in Amsterdam last year, Darwin is pushing ahead with further expansion plans.

Darwin’s experienced Board of Directors supports the investment, an initiative which has other benefits including staff motivation, succession planning, and staff retention and attraction, the latter which supports Darwin’s current recruitment drive. The ADP will focus on developing new knowledge, provide additional skills and embed new behaviours within the organisation in the areas of management and leadership. And all this linked to business objectives where results will be measured on the desired impact being felt. The training will be delivered by internal and external trainers through workshops, & lsquo;one on one’ coaching, and a project based session each year.  “We believe that this programme is ground breaking it’s an inspired investment, designed to grow Darwin’s senior talent and build rounded business skills”, says Project Leader Ben Brett who is an experienced hand in assisting the development of recruitment businesses. Working with the Board and the senior team to design a bespoke programme according to what the business wants to achieve Ben believes that this is often the point when recruitment companies simply enjoy the financial rewards of their consultants rather than push to the next level.  “We are delighted that Ben has agreed to team up with us on this, he has an impressive track record and good credentials in where we aim to be” says Paul.


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