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ManpowerGroup Advocates Collaboration as Key to Efficiency and Productivity

ManpowerGroup Advocates Collaboration as Key to Efficiency and Productivity at Economist Human Potential Conference

ManpowerGroup Executive Vice President of Global Strategy and Talent Mara Swan Moderates "Collaboration in the Human Age" Panel

ManpowerGroup the world leader in innovative workforce solutions, and partner of The Economist's "Ideas Economy: Human Potential" conference, explained how companies can build a collaborative organization in the Human Age, an era that demands companies find ways to engage and empower employees to increase productivity.

Mara Swan, ManpowerGroup Executive Vice President of Global Strategy and Talent, moderated a panel at the prestigious event, which draws C-level executives from government, academia and industry. The panel, titled "Collaboration in the Human Age," explored the need for employees to collaborate to deliver higher value, as employers who have squeezed all the efficiencies out of systems and process are nevertheless faced with new demands for innovation and productivity.

"In an environment of uncertainty and intense competition, companies are required to employ innovative people practices that enable collaboration and in turn lead to a more engaged workforce," said Swan. "Businesses that successfully foster collaboration to harness the talent of employees and help them drive increased value for their organization will be the ones who win. In turn, employees' sense of purpose becomes better aligned with a company so they are then more engaged, eager to contribute and understand how they help the organization achieve its objectives."

Today's businesses are challenged by requiring increased efficiency and productivity at a time when their workforces are already doing more than ever before. Desire to shift to a collaborative work environment to ramp up efficiency is quickly gaining traction. According to a recent study by IBM, collaboration is the number one trait CEOs expect from their employees, with 75% of CEOs believing it to be critical.

Despite this trend towards companies seeking collaborative candidates, ManpowerGroup's 2012 Talent Shortage Survey found that, globally, collaboration is the second most commonly identified employability skill employers find lacking in candidates after interpersonal skills and enthusiasm / motivation.

"The game has changed requires a mindset shift towards 360-degree collaboration versus working in silos," added Swan. "Leaders need to first identify what collaboration is — and is not — within their organization and define the clear outcome that they are trying to achieve. Once they have made the case for collaboration, they must define the behaviors and mindsets to support it."

Joining Swan at the "Collaboration in the Human Age" session were the following panellists:

Thomas Malone, Patrick J. McGovern professor of management, MIT Sloan School of Management founding director, MIT Center for Collective Intelligence

Scot Tutkovics, Vice President of Engineering for the Control and Visualization Business (CVB) at Rockwell Automation

Deborah Borg, Vice President of Human Capital Planning and Development at The Dow Chemical Company


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