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Stop bluffing, learn your market and start putting us forward for the right roles

Stop bluffing, learn your market and start putting us forward for the right roles, contractors tell recruiters

Contractors are desperate for recruiters to better understand their work and areas of expertise, according to a new survey undertaken by The Pulse Umbrella and Accounting Group. Fifty-five per cent of contractors surveyed found that this lack of insight and understanding was the worst thing about working with a recruiter.

When asked what they would like recruiters to do less of, a quarter of respondents said they wanted recruiters to stop putting them forward for inappropriate roles. This was closely followed by 24 per cent who wanted recruiters to tell fewer mistruths.

However it’s not all bad news for consultants: contractors clearly value their inside knowledge on positions available, with 68 per cent saying the best thing about working with a recruiter was the access to positions not widely advertised.

But while a third usually find recruiters helpful, there does seem to be room for improvement as only five per cent always find them helpful, with 57 per cent sometimes finding them helpful.

Chris Futcher, Chief Executive of The Pulse Umbrella and Accounting Group, says: “There are some very clear messages here from contractors to recruiters, and also a real opportunity for recruiters to take a few simple steps to provide a better service – to both their clients and the contractors.

“Ninety-two per cent of the contractors in our survey use several different recruitment consultants, with the remaining eight per cent being loyal to one, so there is a real opening for recruiters to cultivate more loyal contractors. Contractors are repeat customers, so further investment getting to know them will pay off in the long run.

“When contracting, whether short or long term, the first port of call if there are any problems is the recruitment consultant. By building better relationships with the contractors and being clear about roles in the first place, recruiters will reap the rewards with their clients.”

Contractors appear to be positive when looking at in the rest of 2012, with 78 per cent confident in the demand for their skills. Most see rates staying the same (49 per cent), with 15 per cent seeing them increasing and 36 percent seeing them decreasing.


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