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Turning talent retention on its head

Turning talent retention on its head

hr moves, part of the career moves group, yesterday hosted a thought provoking lunch at The Ivy in association with Jane Sunley, CEO of learnpurple. Addressing an audience of 40 HR Directors, Jane offered her advice on how organisations could become people magnets: attracting and development talent that fits.

The crux of the presentation, was the need to understand and communicate with employees as individuals in order to develop and retain the talent needed to transform an organisation and its’ bottom-line. This can be achieved, Jane believes, by addressing your company’s brand values, ensuring that they are representative of what your workforce is endorsing in their roles daily.

Businesses, Jane discussed, should find out what their employees think their company stands for and then use their ideas, coupled with the organisation’s corporate objectives, to build a company image which will be transparent for employees both internally and externally the “what we’re all about and how we do things around here”.

Jane commented that trying to engage employees who don’t buy into your organisation’s vision is futile. Instead, energies should be spent guiding and building up those who are engaged but may just need a bit of fine tuning.

Questions ensued about engaging freelancers. Should one? The CEO of learnpurple believed that you have to look at this on a case-by-case basis, if a freelancer wishes to buy into the organisation, nurture this request as after all it’ll affect who they work with. If the inclination isn’t there then it isn’t something that can be forced.

Reviewing talent is key Jane believes and in order to do this you need to understand where individuals are coming from and what motivates them. Touching on Generation Theory, Jane explained the best way to get the most out of employees is to use their language, in the case of the emerging generation Generation Z this mode will probably be virtual!

Commenting on the seminar’s success Managing Director of career moves group, Caroline Foote says, “We were delighted to have had such a terrific turn out. Jane’s speech was certainly stirring and prevalent in today’s demanding work environment, where employee performance is key to a company’s success. We look forward to hosting our next seminar in early 2013 we’ll examine the Generation Theory and see the real effect it has on communication in the work place,”


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