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UKand Irish Professionals Prepare Most for Job Interviews Says Robert Walters

UKand Irish Professionals Prepare Most for Job Interviews Says Robert Walters

74% of Irish and 55% of UK job seekers research for at least two hours compared to 38% globally

UKand Irish professionals prepare more than job seekers in Australia, China, Singapore and Germany

Research by international recruitment consultancy Robert Walters shows that UK and Irish job seekers spend the most time preparing for job interviews. 74% of Irish and 55% of UK professionals do more than two hours of research per job interview, according to its latest international survey of more than 2,500 professionals. This compared with an overall global average of just 38%.

Only China (50%), Hong Kong (42%), Australia (41%), the US (41%), and South Africa (39%) were above the global average of job seekers doing at least two hours research. While Japan (38%) and Belgium (38%) both achieved the global average, fewer job seekers from Singapore (37%), New Zealand (32%), Malaysia (28%) and Germany (24%) say they prepare this much.

At the other end of the scale, 22% globally say they prepare for less than 30 minutes for interviews. More job seekers from Spain (49%), the Netherlands (44%), Germany (41%) and Brazil (40%) claim this than anywhere else. Only a few UK interviewees (9%) say they put such little time into their interview research.

Chris Hickey, Managing Director of UK Recruitment at Robert Walters, says:

“The UK and Irish job markets are extremely competitive and it is clear from this survey that the majority of job seekers in these regions are aware of the importance of interview preparation. We always recommend that professionals should thoroughly research the company and role as much as possible before attending meetings with hiring organisations. At interview, employers are looking for interviewees who can demonstrate a certain level of understanding of the position and business concerned.
“When preparing, job seekers should explore the company website to understand precisely what the business does, and its recent performance. It’s also a good idea to talk to people in the industry to gain an insight into the organisation’s culture, along with its success factors, clients and potential growth areas. Finally, press coverage of the company can provide a sense of its activities, strategies and its overall market presence. The ability to demonstrate an informed knowledge of all of these facets of the company during the interview can often be the distinguishing factor for employers when deciding who’s going to get the job."


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