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Great talent isn't necessarily the right talent - is it? by Sirona Says

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There are some really good presentations out there, that use real life experiences to explain talent selection and talent management. There is no better than this brilliant video from Rasmus Ankersen told in a way we can all understand - a picture storyboard.
I have now watched it a few times and I simply find myself nodding my head every time I watch it, in agreement with his observations and insights.
There are three messages throughout this excellent video:
  1. Great talent is not necessarily the right talent (for your company).
  2. What you see (at first) is not necessarily what you get.
  3. Never over-rate certificates and never under-rate character
As he does so often in the video, the pictures are very 'accurate'!
Screen Shot 2012-11-06 at 08.24.23

 So go grab a tea or coffee, sit down for 12 minutes and enjoy this presentation.

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