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Harrington Starr's Fab Four Run to the Beat

Harrington Starr's Fab Four Run to the Beat

Harrington Starr's finest competed on October 28th in London's "Run to the Beat" Half Marathon to raise funds for Leukemia and Lymphoma research.

The marathon team leading lady Sarah Philby writes:

"Running around south east London for thirteen point one miles on a dank and cold Sunday morning would normally not be my idea of time well spent!! However, with Dan Brown, Richard Wetmacott and Lee Harding by my side, the atmosphere was full of excitement with the feeling of competition in the air.

Despite all the pre-race posturing, we started very slowly - in fact Rich was able to dash of for a toilet break behind a tree 5 minutes in and still keep the pace! We all ran together for the first 7 miles slowly picking up the pace, this was where fitness and stamina levels came in to play and Mr Lee Harding was able to make his escape!

Around Mile 8 I passed a walking Dan Brown. This was where I was beginning to fade and I have to confess, the sight of Dan walking was a bit of a pick me up and kept me going until mile 10.

I can only speak for myself, but the last three miles were tough and I can safely say, surprising as it is, that running down hill is far more painful than uphill ending and office debate that delighted James Hounslow! Mile thirteen was literally slow motion running and as the finish came into sight I strode out into what I thought was an impressive sprint... until someone walked past me!

So a successfully completed a thirteen mile run by all! Lee was the fastest with an impressive time of 1:50. Next was Rich with 1:56 followed be myself just 40 seconds behind and an impressive time from DB with 2:08

The run was for Leukemia and Lymphoma research - a great charity funding the research that can bring real development to treatment in the area. Due to the diversity of the disease it is one of the hardest to crack and money into the research is expansive and needed.

If you would like to donate then please see the link of the winning HS contender:"

Congratulations to all of our fab four and we look forward to undertaking further challenges in the months ahead to continue our commitment to giving back at Harrington Starr.


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