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IOR In Talks At Downing Street

IOR In Talks At Downing Street

The Institute of Recruiters (IOR) was invited to talks at 10 Downing Street, to discuss the institutes thoughts and concepts on how government can make it easier for small firms to employ staff for the first time.

The coalition government are clear that Britain’s current economic challenges and high unemployment can be greatly boosted if it can find new ways to get small firms hiring and growing.  In order to help achieve this, the IOR has been asked to contribute ideas to support this key government agenda.  The IOR meeting was hosted in 10 Downing Street by Lord Young, Enterprise Adviser to the Prime Minster.

The IOR is committed to thought leading, creating new concepts and sharing specialist knowledge with government at a national and international level.

Azmat Mohammed, IOR Director General, said “It was a great honour being invited to 10 Downing Street, and walking through the iconic black door behind which the most important decisions affecting Britain are made, impacting the lives of all of us.

“If we want to have a real impact as a professional body and support our members we need to be innovating and change agents.  We need thought leaders to guide our industry into a new exciting time in which we advise government on matters affecting staffing.  The economic growth government seeks will come from businesses, and delivering on recruitment is one of the most powerful drivers of business growth.

“Our industry is the custodian of the skills and talent that grow companies and create jobs.  We are the catalyst for future business expansion and we must now raise the bar with a new level of training and qualifications for our industry professionals.

“Being recognised at the highest levels of government is just the start, to become influencers and trusted advisors to government we must create an industry we are proud of, a beacon for professional standards and service.  Recruitment and HR are in transition, and the IOR has produced the training and education that will take our industry to the next level.”


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