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NES Global Taps Into Military Talent

NES Global Taps Into Military Talent

NES Global Talent, the global manpower specialist, took part in an oil and gas recruitment fair in Aberdeen (30 October) for service leavers after recognising that skillsets learned during a military career are in great demand in the natural gas and oil field.

The event was organised by the Career Transition Partnership (CTP), which is funded by the Ministry of Defence and is the official provider of resettlement services for personnel leaving the Royal Navy, Army, Royal Air Force and Marines.

Craig Paterson, Associate Director at NES Global Talent, said: “This is the first time we have taken part in this event and we see it as a real area of opportunity. There is a talent shortage in the oil and gas sector and military service leavers offer many transferable skills. Ex-servicemen and women are highly trained and well-disciplined with strong leadership skills. They have lots of systems and project management experience, a strong eye for detail and follow processes and procedures closely. These qualities are highly sought after in the oil and gas industry.”

As well as offering hard skills such as logistics, telecoms and engineering, service leavers also possess a range of soft skills including being able to think on their feet and adapt quickly to new environments, crucial in the ever-changing global oil and gas sector.

Shawna Leatherwood, a consultant at NES Global Talent, said: “Military personnel are used to moving to multiple international locations and operating in challenging environments. It’s not always easy for white collar workers to adapt to those types of terrains. Most servicemen and women have travelled far and wide, they know the locations the oil and gas sector operates across the world, the laws and the weather. In the military they are used to setting up camp, to building whole communities, taking them down again and moving on.”

Romana Grant, Regional Employment and Training Manager in Scotland at Career Transition Partnership (CTP) , said:

“We have found that the oil and gas industry is growing again in the range of opportunities offered and needs the right people with the right skills to make sure that it can continue to meet the demand for technical skills in the future.

“Military service leavers can offer a wide range of these transferrable and necessary skills, combined with relevant technical experience, to prospective employers.

“The CTP in the past has provided a high number of military personnel to the oil and gas sector, moving into roles such as ROV technician, trainee ROV pilots, mechanical and hydraulic engineers, in addition to a high number of the electrical and aviation engineers and technicians finding an easy skills match from the military to civilian employment within this sector.”

To date, the CTP has assisted over 170,000 service leavers with the transition to civilian life and supported thousands of organisations looking to employ ex-service personnel.


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